The Big Deal

3" is a Big Deal
A whole new experience
A whole new frame

Welcome to The FlightOne Big Deal, the ultimate 3″ racing micro quadcopter. So, why is this Brain Morris designed frame such a Big Deal? Because, this small frame is capable of keeping up with big 5″ quads on bigger tracks, and leaving them in the dust on tight technical tracks. In addition, the Big Deal is durable, fast, and nimble. When combined with the Warp 1 or 2 motors, and the Millivolt-Spark stack, it’s unlike any 3″ quad you’ve ever flown before!



Light, Durable, and Small

The Big Deal was designed around the Millivolt-Spark Stack and to be light enough to both increase durability and speed. Every design choice adds up. The one piece 3mm XL bottom plate removes the need for heavy screws to keep the arms attached. The 3 standoffs allow for less hardware and less dead weight. The big deal wasn’t just engineered to race, it was created to win.


Thin Yet Stiff

The Big Deal is cut out of the stiffest and strongest carbon we’ve ever tested. Despite being 3mm, the big deal is still extremely durable and can take hit after hit, even into metal gates and pavement.


The Perfect Warp 1 and 2 Companion


Designed along side the Warp 1 and 2 motors, the big deal makes a deadly fast combo with these powerful little motors. It is unlike any 3″ frame available. The Big Deal with its durability, speed, and agility, is truly in its own class.



When Every Last Gram Counts.

In a goal to get as light as possible, Titanium is a necessity. Grade 5 Titanium is not only lighter than Steel but stronger as well. Titanium helps push the Big Deal from not just being light, but to being ultra-light weight.