A 4in1 ESC with ultimate power!

The FlightOne Bolt is the most powerful 4in1 miniquad electronic speed controller available. Rated at 30A continuous current draw, the Bolt can handle much more! Some have pulled over 230A on 6S. When you need power, performance, and a clean stack, choose the Bolt.

High current draw rating
Pairs perfectly with the Revolt
Capable of up to 6S


Designed to stack with the Revolt making a perfect pair.

Whether you choose to use wires or pins, the Bolt pairs perfectly in either case. Using wires creates a super slim and clean looking, center stack. It also adds capacitance and increases performance. Using pins provides for a quick setup and a easily maintainable, and removable stack. Either way, you’ll have a clean looking electronic stack and have the performance to back up the good looks.


Super powerful FETS increase performance.

The Bolt utilizes powerful FETS to put the most power to your motors as quickly as possible. These  FETS are so powerful and quick, they increase responsiveness in sharp maneuvers and active breaking. If you want the most out of your powertrain, choose the Bolt!


Features that compliment the Revolt.

The Bolt supports the poweful Blheli_S ESC firmware for fast switching using more powerful MPUs. The firmware is directly upgradable through the Bolt’s connection to the Revolt via FlightOne One configuration. In addition, the Bolt has a built in 5v BEC to power the Revolt, and a current sensor to provide current consumption information to the Revolt, and selected transmitters.