Flight Controller Firmware
Flightone OpenTX lua script
Lua script Version 1.0 (Taranis and QX7) and Horus Lua by PruntyFPV, use at own risk.
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Patch Notes

Firmware Changelog

Version 1.1
  • Dshot code rewritten
    • dshot output now is 5x faster than before
    • now can use up to dshot1200 on blheli32 and dshot600 on blheli_s
    • Quopa can now be even faster by using dshot all the time
  • Proshot Protocol added
    • can be used with Blheli32, allows for fast quopa mode at 32khz
  • DMA Code Rewrite
  • Mixer Code Rewrite
  • ESC Output code Rewrite
  • Filter Rewrite
    • Now fully adjustable and can set stage 1 and 2 filters for both Gyro and D term, more filter choices have also been added
    • improved filter accuracy
  • PID Controller rewrite
    • More efficient and less cpu intensive than previously
  • Expanded Smart Audio Baud range
  • New Launch Mode
    • Allows for hand free tilting on launch pad, simply push the pitch stick forward and let go and the quad will hold its angle
  • Quiet Start
    • Prevents windup when quad is first armed
  • New OSD Menu Options to make Tuning New filters Easy
  • Auto Detect and enable OSD on OSD Boards
  • Added Option for PAL and NTSC cameras
  • New OSD Options
    • Voltage Per cell
    • ESC Temp (Blheli32)
    • Per ESC Amp Draw (Blheli32)
    • Per ESC eRPM (Blheli32)
  • New Character Maps
  • small size (Original Font)
  • Medium sized(Thanks to MewoFPV)
  • Mega Size (biggest possible size for numbers)
  • Now easier to read numbers
  • Character Maps are now Selectable
    • 3 different choices, small , medium, and Mega Size
  • Added Blheli32 Telemetry
    • Now can get current info from onboard esc current sensors
    • Can also Display eRPM data to osd from each escs
    • Can also display average temperature of all escs
    • !need to use Dshot or Proshot for this to work!
  • Added Ability to Remap Motor Output to led Out
    • set mottoled=1 will remap motor 1
    • set mottoled=0 will disable it and motors will work like normal
    • useful if a motor out burns up
  • Rx Detection Wizard Now 6x faster
  • Added MAH Consumed offset
  • General Backend and Codebase improvements
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Dshot
    • Improved quopa mode
    • fixed Miss Labeling in osd
    • Fixed Pal issue with osd
    • added 7s and 8s support to adc's
    • fixed issue that caused some overcharged batteries to detect incorrectly
    • Made Leds work with dshot
    • fixed logging so that logging switch is no longer needed on osd boards
    • Fixed LED flicker when using solid color
    • Fixed issue with pal camera
    • Time arm persists until unplugged
    • Fixed twitch some blhel32 escs had on osd restart

Version 0.0.596.163 RC20
  • Removed ESC Force Flash, only flashes escs if out of date

Version 0.0.595.163 RC20
  • No longer need to use logging switch to log with osd boards

Version 0.0.594.163 RC20
  • fixed issue that caused gyrosmoothing to be wrongly labeled on OSD

Version 0.0.592.163 RC20
  • improved smart audio baud rate searching
  • fixed issue that caused inconsistent arming when VTXCHANNEL mode active
  • fixed issue that caused quad not fly right after using quopa

Configurator Changelog

08/23/2018 1.1.149
  • Optimized setup, telemetry and configuration screens to reduce usage of energy and CPU when app is not focused
  • Removed video loop from "Device Not Found" screen to reduce usage of energy and CPU
  • Fixed issue when some variables not been copied with Copy button on PID tuning page
  • Fixed issue with missing variables with export to file
  • Small UI fixes and improvements

07/23/2018 1.1.148
  • Fixed missed translation strings
  • Improve translation for all available languages

07/18/2018 1.1.145
  • Fixed issue when kill band and vtx band not saved correctly

07/18/2018 1.1.144
  • New video layout in Interview wizard at start up
  • Changed a way to load Custom configs from site.
  • Small UI Fixes

07/18/2018 1.1.143
  • Added Idle percent select on Configuration tab(Expert mode only)