All the power of a Revolt, in a tiny package!

Welcome to the FlightOne Millivolt, the PINNACLE of performance in a 20mm x 20mm package for micro and ultra-light weight racing quadcopters.

Advanced processing power
Ultra-responsive gyro
Noise reduction and delicious


A powerful flight controller design in a tiny package.

The Millivolt flight controller has all the same power and performance, less a couple UART ports, that comes with the Revolt. The bonus is a light-weight, tiny, flight controller for small micro builds. The Millivolt even utilizes the same soft-mounting technology that comes with the Revolt in addition to the same powerful, strategically placed, electronic components.


A fast and efficient 32bit MCU with high clock speeds for top performance.

At the core of the FlightOne Millivolt, the F405 MCU processors stands out. The F405 MCU supports operating frequency’s up to 168 MHz for fast performance with high-speed embedded flash memory up to 1 Mbyte and SRAM up to 192 Kbytes. The F405 MCU has given the Millivolt the same performance edge the Revolt has, using the same wonderful FlightOne One firmware.


A super responsive gyro with the lowest noise floor allows for better data.

The Invensense ICM-20602 high performance, 6 axis MEMS gyro is a force to be reckoned with! The Millivolt is the second flight controller to use this fantastic device, the Revolt being the first. Both the gyroscope and the accelerometer have 3 axes each. The gyro itself has the highest sensitivity, and lowest noise floor of any gyro used in our application. This gyro lets us take the full advantage of speed by boosting our PIDc refresh rates up to 32KHz.