Simple performs best.

Welcome to the Revolt, FlightOne’s performance driven flight controller. We spent months and months, deciding on the proper specifications that we wanted to implement in this board. we selected the F4 mpu to give the processing power we wanted. in addition, we worked directly with Invensense to select the best gyro available, allowing the implementation of true 32KHz performance. Then, we integrated custom gummies to allow for true spec soft-mounting. all of this on a board running our proprietary FlightOne One software. the result is a flight controller that stands out above the rest for those who require the highest level of performance.

Advanced processing power
Ultra-responsive gyro
Noise reduction and delicious


A simple flight controller design lets you achieve the most.

The Revolt flight controller puts all your components on one side of the board, leaving a flat side to give you more room. Motor output pads are reasonably placed on each corner, making it quicker, and easier to solder on your signal wires. The gyro is strategically placed in the center of the board, where the noise floor is at it’s least. Additionally, the Revolt has an integrated gummi system that allows for soft-mounting of the flight controller, reducing bad vibrations from the noisy mini-quad environment.


A fast and efficient 32BIT MCU with high clock speeds for top performance.

At the core of the FlightOne Revolt, the F405 MCU processor stands out. The F405 MCU supports operating frequency’s up to 168MHz for fast performance with high-speed embedded flash memory up to 1 Mbytes and SRAM up to 192 Kbytes. The F405 MCU has given the Revolt a performance edge, especially in conjunction with the FlightOne One firmware.


A super responsive gyro with the lowest noise floor allows for better data.

The Invensense ICM-20602 high performance, 6 axis MEMS gyro is a force to be reckoned with! The Revolt is the very first flight controller to use this fantastic device. Both the gyroscope and the accelerometer have 3 axes each. The gyro itself has the high sensitivity and lowest noise floor of any gyro used in our application. This gyro let’s us take the full advantage of speed by boosting our PIDc refresh rates up to 32KHz.