One frame to rule them all!

Welcome to the Nova, the ultimate freestyle frame. Jonathon Davis, AKA Skitzo, had this frame designed specifically to meet his needs. It’s lightweight, durable, nimble, roomy, and SEXY!

Durable CF


A project specific design. A beautiful and performance driven frame.

Nova takes years of freestyle flying experience, and transforms it into a unique, symmetrical X high-performance FPV frame. In addition, it has been designed to increase durability, and efficiency when replacing parts.

Note what the flow master himself states:

“The Nova was a personal project of mine to achieve what I consider to be the ultimate freestyle frame. After six months of daily flying and hard crashes, I have finally reached the final design. It’s lightweight, durable, nimble and most importantly, SEXY!”

-Jonathon Davis (SKITZO)

Are you ready?

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