A powerful Spark of performance

Welcome to the FlightOne Spark, a miniature 4in1 electronic speed controller designed to pair with the millivolt flight controller. Rated at 10A per channel CONTINUOUS current draw and 20a Burst, the Spark provides the perfect amount of response and power for any micro 3″ or below quadcopter. It can even support some 5″ quadcopters with the right setup.

Designed for the 20mm by 20mm stack.
Stacks perfectly with the Millivolt
High powered performance on tiny quads.


Designed to stack with the Millivolt making a perfect 20×20 pair.

The Spark pairs perfectly with the Millivolt flight controller using wires, making a super slim and clean looking, center stack. Whether you use 2″, 3″, or 4″, the Spark provides ample power. Some have even chosen to modify the Spark and use it on an ultra-light weight 5″ setup. Time to Spark it up!