The Twig

Light just got lighter.

What happens when there’s just no frame light enough? You call up Brian “BrainDrain” Morris and create The Twig. The lightest frame in the line up; Designed around the ultra light Millivolt and Spark combo. However , that’s not light enough, the twig needed a motor! Thus, a new motor was born. designed specially for the Twig with 3 mounting holes, not 4. The FlightOne Warp 5 motor is ultra-light weight, but powerful!

Hole Bolt Pattern

Arm Design

Thin and strong

With the use of the 3 hole triangle mount, the arms and feet of the frame can be smaller and thinner with out sacrificing strength. Less holes means less material that needs to be cut out, which inherently can weaken the frame. The motor holes can now also be placed further apart, creating a better mounting point for the motor.



Every Gram Counts

Built to be as light as possible, every design choice worked towards this goal. The Twig is a one piece frame, reducing the need for extra hardware and making the frame lighter. A 3mm bottom plate helps shave weight all around. Requiring only 3 standoffs instead of 4 makes for a smaller and lighter top plate. All of this, along with the triangle motor mount were needed to create such a light frame. Experience a true ultra-light racer!