Warp 10 Motors

Power when you need it, efficiency when you don't.

It’s time to feel the power of Warp 10. These motors have been designed and created to be the most powerful and insanely fast motors yet! The Warp 10 motors have power when you need them, and efficiency when you don’t. Warp 10 Features both ccw and cw rotations, along with serrated bell tops, to make sure that when you’re screaming down the straight away at full 2900kv, Warp 10 speed, there will be no props slipping.



New Stator, New Bell, New Base, New KV

The Warp 10 motors not only take advantage of the high torque 2308 stator, but can combine the torque with high speed 2900kv. These motors can hit a higher speed and hit it faster than ever before. In addition, the new bell design features direction cooling fins to keep your Warp coil cool under top speeds.

MultiGP record smashers!

The ultra powerful Warp series motors, along with the brand new FlightOne Skinny Kid  helped Brian “BrainDrain” Morris fly his way to the top of 4 MultiGP UTT record boards.


Don’t be the last one to feel the power of Warp speed!