Warp 5 Motors

A first of its kind

Designed to help create the lightest 5″ quads possible!

Hole Base
2600 kv


3 hole base

The Warp 5 motors were created with a never before used 3 hole base. This mount distributes the load equally between the 3 screws and allows for a stronger arm and foot of the frame. At the same time it makes the motor easier to torque down and attach to the frame.

Lightest motor in the line up

Thanks to the 2205 stator size and unique design of the bell and base, the Warp 5 motors are made to be light and free up every last gram of weight in an ultra-light build. Between the Twig, the Warp 5 motors, and the Millivolt-Spark stack, you’ll be removing those last few grams that could mean the difference between 1st and 2nd place.