Warp 6, 7, and 8

A powerful motor for every situation.

With the large 2308 stator and variety of kvs, there’s always a Warp motor for your needs. Designed to be durable, efficient and powerful, the Warp 6 ,7, and 8 motors are great for any situation; Whether it be blasting through a track or cruising through the mountains!



Big Prop, Long Range.

Combine the Warp 6 or 7 motors with a large 6″, 7″, or 8″ propeller for a long range power house. Thanks to the huge stator and low kv of the warp 6 and 7 motors, you can take advantage of large props and heavily pitched props, while still being efficient and reliable.


Ready for the Races

Pairing the Warp 8’s with a 5″ triblade propeller creates a powerful and efficient racer that is hard to match.Taking advantage of the 2308 for high torque and extreme grip around the corners with 2600kvs of raw power for the straight-away.The Warp 8 motors are still efficient enough to make even the longest of races.


New Base

The new light weight and low profile base of the Warp Series motors is not just for looks. These bases shave weight and remove excess metal that can bend in a crash and seize the motor. This helps to make these motors last longer than ever before and gives them the ability to stand up to everything a racer can throw in the Warp’s direction. The Warp motors feature hollow shafts secured with a set screw for easy maintenance.

MultiGP UTT Record Smashers!

The ultra powerful Warp series motors, along with the brand new FlightOne Skinny Kid  helped Brian “BrainDrain” Morris fly his way to the top of 4 MultiGP UTT record boards.


Don’t Be The Last One To Feel the Power Of Warp Speed!