Flight Controller Firmware
Make Sure Your ESC is Updated to the Latest BLHeli32 Firmware, DO NOT use the custom Dshot1200 only firmware
FalcoX Beta 4 *DFU FLASH*
How To Setup Falco X, Watch Before Installing
Patch Notes

Firmware Changelog

Version Beta 4
  • New Features
    • Added Race Tune
    • Added Spin Fix
      • Helps recover from Uncontrollable Spins caused By ESC Deysncs
      • Spin Fix has 3 adjustable values found in General Menu
        • SpinFix Max Error : This is how High the error has to be to trigger
        • SpinFix Saturation : This is how long the error has to be too high before enabling SpinFix, time is in Milliseconds
        • SpinFix Recovery : This is how Long in milliseconds it gives to recover
    • Added KillSwitch mode
      • Can be used to fully disable a quad, once use the quad cant be rearmed until power cycled
      • Requires that the quad was flown for at least 2 seconds and the mode is inactive before being active
      • Kill switch also sets TX4 to low if a pin toggle is being used
      • if using Smart Audio 2.1 or Tramp telem, the VTX will be disabled so that it doesnt output video
      • If using SA 2, the vtx will go to 25,w and the specified kill channel
    • Added Auto Channel return
      • The vtx will return To the last set channel and power by the user
      • This can be use ful for the killswitch mode sice the quad will go back to the needed channel on bootup
    • Added Confirmation to exit when there are unsaved changes
    • Fixed issue that casued Auto dfu mode not to work when using Tramp telem or smart audio
    • Major Changes to Gyro init code
    • FC Now boots much faster than previous versions
    • Added Tempature in Fareinheit OSD element
    • Default Protocol is now set depending on if User is using Blheli_s or Blheli_32
    • Added VTX Detect Wizard
      • Searches for VTx and Disables Pit and Sets power to 25mw During Initial Setup
      • Wizard Now sets VTX to A1 for Setup
    • Arm Status OSD element now shows when armed and in quopa mode
    • Pilot name can now be changed in general menu and displayed in the OSD
    • Moved Some OSD menu options around
  • Changes
    • Moved Current scale to Peripherals menu
    • Moved Volt offset to Peripherals menu
    • Adjusted In flight Idle for Multishot
    • Dshot Optmizations
    • Made it possible to idle motors with Multishot in osd menu
    • Added Confirm props are off prompt to Motor OSD menu
    • Low Level Optimizations
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue that could cause LED color not to display properly
    • Fixed Issue that would cause reset config to lock up FC
    • Fixed issue that would cause some numbers not to wrap from min to max
    • BackEnd Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue that could cause FC to reset when using blheli32 telem
    • Various other minor bug fixes and optmizations
    • Fixed issue that would ask if props are off when trying to adjust blheli telem
    • Fixed issue that caused LED color not to save Beta 3 Patch 2
  • Adjusted Blackbird Tunes
  • Adjusted Blackbird Rates
  • Fixed issue that would cause more than 8 leds not to work
  • Fixed issue that caused Dshot600 to run at 16khz instead of 8khz
  • Fixed issue that caused some Blheli_s escs not to spin up in initial wizard BETA 3 Patch 1
  • Adjusted Blackbird Tunes
    • Should help with Hot motors for anyone using blackbird tune Beta 3

Version BETA 3

  • New Features
    • Added Support for Adressable LEDs
      • Can be set up in new Peripherals Menu
      • Mode can set for different effects
      • Color levels Can be Set for Red Green and Blue
      • Color and mode is changed in real time so can be tweaked to get exact wanted color
      • Color is used in any Mode with Color in the name, such as Solid color
      • Must save after changing color for it to persist on next power up
    • Added Smooth Stop
      • Levels 1-5 will feel normal, 5-10 are more agressive
      • Helps smooth end of movements to keep rolls and flips smooth and remove bounceback
      • This is per Tune so by default is off, a level of 4 is reccommend to start
    • Added Idle Percent to OSD Menu
    • Added Launch mode
    • Added Shaun launch mode
  • Changes
    • Added PG3 Rate Preset
    • Adjusted PG3 FS Tune
    • Reordered Some Tunes
    • Renamed Tunes
      • Any tune with FS at the end is meant for Heavier Freestyle quads, Race means its for a lighter Race Quad
    • Reordered Motor Protocols
    • Renamed Motor Protocols to what they are capable of, Dshot64 requires latest Blheli32, Dshot32 or Dshot16 should be used otherwise
    • Adjustments to Osd Menu Motor menu
      • Made reversing motors simpler and more reliable
    • Removed Decimal Point from Mah drawn OSD element
    • Old Smoothing defaults to filter smoothing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Various BackEnd Bug fixes and Optimizations
    • Fixed Issue that would allow Rc Smoothing type to be set to an option that does not exist
    • Fixed Issue that would cause RC smoothing Value not to allow high enough range for New Smoothing
    • Fixed issue that could cause FC to reset when using Dshot32 and Quopa mode

FalcoX Beta 2
  • New Features
    • Added Option for Single arm
    • Added Motor Beep Mode
    • Added Pin Toggle Mode
      • Gives direct control over the Tx4 pin, when mode is active pin is high, when inactive pin is low
    • Added RMRC Nano option To VTX Model Choice
    • Added Support for Frsyky RSSI on channel 8 or 16
    • Added RSSI to Fport
    • Added Analog Current sensing
      • Scale Can be adjsuted in the general Menu, default is for Bolt
    • Added Rate Presets
    • Added Blheli32 telemetry (Requires Dshot or Proshot)
    • Added New Options to OSD
      • Crosshair
      • Average ESC Temp (Requires Blheli32 Telem)
      • Per ESC eRPM (Requires Blheli32 Telem)
      • Current Draw
      • Mah used
    • Added Support For Current Monitoring Through Blheli32 Telem
    • Added PG3 tune Preset
    • Added More Config Checking and Validation
  • Changes
    • Increased Acro Plus limit to 1000
    • Adjusted Max allowed Deadband value
    • Replaced 6s Tune with DeekonFPV Race Tune
    • Made Auto Dfu only check for first 30 seconds
    • Added More checks before entering DFU mode
    • Added Message to OSD when in DFU Mode
    • Fixed Issue that would Cause Mode setup menu to be entered after exiting
    • Allowed Filters to be set to 0
    • Adjusted Stick Acceleration in Text menu to make big changes easier
    • Made exit restore currently saved Config, so unsaved changes will be discarded

Configurator Changelog

11/20/2018 1.2.75
  • PID Type is now per profile
  • Added SIM Boost field with range 0.5-2.0
  • Set minimum firmware version to 1.2.75

11/16/2018 1.2.63
  • "Default" rates applies when user pick Freestyle and "Captain Vanover" rates if you pick racing
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language. Thanks to @rnelias

11/10/2018 1.2.52
  • Added "Buzzer Voltage Alarm" on configuration page(Expert mode only)
  • Added ability to select firmware version after CleanFlight passthrough
  • Fixed issue with checking ESC version in "Calibrate motors" wizard

11/08/2018 1.2.51
  • Added all ESC protocols when "Other" ESC type selected
  • Fixed issue with variables duplicate when do export if file
  • Changed incorrect Voltage and mAH range on configuration tab(was 0.75 to 1.25 changed to 0.5 to 1.5)

11/03/2018 1.2.50
  • Added migration screen from BetaFlight to FlightOne
  • Added Brushed ESC Type
  • Small UI fixes